Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frozen Invitation - Convite Festa Frozen

So... I have a thing for invitations... I've gotta admit it's my passion. I LOVE thinking about crazy and over the top ideas and at the same time make my little guests SOOO excited for my daughter's birthday parties. It's a tradition now: my guests get excited to see what the invitation will be. I'll soon post the invites from previous years. We've had: Alice in Wonderland, Pink Barnyard, Wizard of Oz, Cinderella BEFOUR the Ball, Neverland... and this year we both fell in love with Frozen... oh well... who hasn't right?! So I wanted to create an invitation that as I always try to do, make them dream about the party that it's to come and link with cool aspects from the movie. So that's how this invitation was created. Each guest will receive their Frozen invitation, exactly as it's in the picture... on the cooler it says: "Arendelle Ice Delivery, Inc. Special Delivery by Kristoff Bjorgman, Arendelle Ice Master. As a reference to the movie, when Kristoff is nominated Ice Master of Arendelle. My husband will dress up like in and will hand deliver each one: Blocks of ice from Arendelle's Ice master. ;-) Got it? lol Inside the cooler there's a block of ice (a real one, the invitation goes in the freezer!!). In the block of ice there's an Olaf that comes apart just like in the movie, "Anna's Frozen heart", and the paper/laminated invitation. On the outside of the block of ice, there's a tag (also laminated) with Olaf's picture and saying: "Some things are worth melting for". And there's also the instruction on the tag: "Thaw Anna's heart to find out about a Frozen celebration right in the middle of Summer!!!" as her birthday will be during the Summer. So that's it!!!! I am SOOOO excited!!!! Hope you guys like the idea!!! Cada convidado recebera os convites dentro dessa geladeira, exatamente como esta na foto... na geladeira diz: Empresa de Entrega de Gelo de Arendelle. Entrega especial feita por Kristoff Bjorgman, o Mestre do Gelo de Arendelle. Meu marido se vestira de Kristoff e entregara pessoalmente cada convite Dentro da geladeira, ha um bloco de gelo (gelo de verdade, o convite vai ao freezer!!! rsrsrs), como referencia ao filme ao que Kristoff faz: vende gelo e se torna o Mestre de Gelo Oficial de Arendelle ao final do filme. Dentro do bloco de gelo tem um Olaf que desmonta, como no filme, o "coracao congelado da Anna", e o convite/papel que foi laminado para poder ser congelado. Por fora do bloco de gelo, ha uma tag (tambem plastificada) com desenho do Olaf que diz: " Vale a pena derreter por algumas coisas" e na parte debaixo as instrucoes: descongele o coracao de Anna para descobrir uma aventura CONGELANTE no meio do verao!!!! A tag tb foi plastificada para poder ir em cima do bloco de gelo. Eh isso. Estou IN LOVE com esse convite. Espero que vcs curtam. Conceito, design e execucao by Karen Ayars #frozen #convite #invitation